Park Hopping

park hopping(5)We’ve been back in Utah for a few months now. Most of that time has been spent park hopping. We loved our parks in Arizona + we’ve been anxious to find new favorites here. The trees, the shade, and most importantly the GREEN of Utah parks just can’t be beat. I’ve fallen in love with every park we’ve visited. The fact that we don’t get third degree burns going down the slides is a huge plus too ;)

On our way to a new park last week we wanted to make a stop for cupcakes. Unfortunately, the cupcake shop had moved. It’s a tricky thing finding gluten-free cupcakes. We opted for “chick flay” ice cream instead. By the time we had snapped a few pictures Dawson had downed the whole thing. Maybe next time the girls will get a taste but man, you’ve gotta be aggressive when it comes to treats in this family.rachel in real life park hopping(2) park hopping(3) park hopping(4) park hopping(6)

July Rewind

July is hands down my favorite month of the year. I love the fireworks, BBQs, watermelon, snow cones, family time, trips to the lake, reunions… I could go on but I think you get the idea. Because it’s so jam packed with fun, July goes by so fast. We spent a lot of time with family this month between reunions and trips to the lake. Family time always leaves us wishing everyone could live close. I was so happy to visit my sister too! We ate our fair share of Nielsen’s and tested out a few snow shacks around town. It wasn’t long before we found our favorite one. There were trips to the doctor, target and lots of evenings out on the back porch. We even squeezed in a few family bike rides, swimming lessons and a tennis match. It was a blast and I’m sad to see July coming to an end.

Back Porch Popsicles

popsicles(1)I love creating special memories with my kids. Experiences that kind of become “our thing.” One of our favorites right now is spontaneous outings for snow cones or ice cream. We had kind of an off morning and I was really feeling the itch to get out of the house. We made a quick visit to the library and we were heading towards the snow shack. Last second I pulled into the grocery store thinking popsicles on the back porch sounded like a better idea.

Growing up, grandma always had Pace Bars at her house. I couldn’t get enough of the peach flavor. I looked forward to it every time we went to visit. I’ve craved them ever since – especially when I was pregnant. I had no idea they were just a Utah thing until I searched + searched in Arizona without any luck. I would send Kellen to the store for “The really yummy peach popsicles that my grandma has.” ha! It’s such a nice welcome home to have found them at our grocery store. The peach is still as amazing as ever + now they have Tiger’s Blood! Yum. We had two each.
popsicles(2) popsicles(3) popsicles(4) popsicles(5) popsicles(6)