Mom Strong

rachel in real life rachel in real lifeThe last few weeks I’ve had a difficult time making the most of motherhood. I have been in a rut. It was feeling mundane. Like more than usual, because I mean — how exciting is it to do laundry, clean and change diapers? ha! Somewhere along the way motherhood lost its magic for me. I couldn’t quite put a finger on it until last night. Guys, it was social media. I probably sound like a broken record here but it’s a big issue in my life. I get really caught up in what my life should be like instead of embracing it as it is. I made resolutions to leave it behind me, get back to simplicity and back to truly enjoying motherhood.

Our first morning with a fresh perspective and I already feel like a new woman! We headed for a walk to the park. I ended up carrying both kids because our stroller had a flat. Talk about a workout! I left my phone behind. It was so simple but it made a huge difference. We played firemen, cops and robbers and climbed up the slide a couple dozen times. We even found the pair of shoes Dawson lost three weeks ago! I could see the difference in Dawson. It was clear that his love tank was filled all the way to the top. And guess what?? So was mine. I spent weeks focused on me and my goals and how motherhood was getting in the way. All the while I was miserable. (I’m not saying setting goals and going after your own dreams is a bad thing)

For me, motherhood fills my tank, when I let it. When I embrace it for all that it is rather than focusing on what it isn’t. It isn’t glamorous and people aren’t lined up down the street to validate me. Sometimes that can be hard to swallow. Especially, as a woman who is very driven. I thrive on setting goals and seeing them accomplished. Motherhood isn’t a goal to accomplish but a day in and day out, knock-down-drag-out battle. It is the most difficult journey of my life and one that’s nearly impossible to survive unless you believe in it. I’m determined to get that magic back. I will love it for all it’s worth. And it’s kind of worth a lot.

Bicycle Built For Four

rachel in real life My parents cleaned out their garage a few years ago and they passed this tandem bike onto us. We absolutely loved riding it around with Dawson when it was just the three of us. Since then it has been collecting dust (once again) in my mom and dad’s garage. We brought it home on our last visit & cleaned it up. I still can’t get over the fact that there are FOUR of us riding it now!

Stell was really struggling with that helmet, trying to pull it off the entire ride. Poor girl! We had plans to stop by our favorite snow shack but it was closed. Instead we grabbed a drink at the grocery store and headed for the park. Kellen and I are still getting the hang of peddling at the same time and communicating when the other person is going to stop peddling. My feet kept slipping off and we wobbled more than once. Especially that one time when I decided to flip my hair in the breeze. ha! So if you’re looking for a marriage/team building exercise you’re welcome to borrow our tandem ;) We had so much fun! Family time is where it’s at. bike-ride(1) bike-ride(3) bike-ride(5) bike-ride(6)

Summer Nights

rachel in real lifeI’ve always had a picture in my mind of what my life would be like. The house I would share with my little family & the sunshine that would fill it. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that life doesn’t always turn out how we plan or hope. There have been curve balls and unexpected challenges that we have worked our way through. There are also challenges that will be a constant throughout life. I’ve come to understand that those challenges bring something sweet. They bring a perspective on life that is invaluable.

Here I am spending my summer nights on the back porch of the home I always dreamed of with the people I love most. My independent toddler in his mismatched clothes, baby girl with her bare bum, and husband fixing a remote control car. It’s that picture I always had in my mind. I wouldn’t have known how beautiful it could be until I experienced life leading up to it. Almost how a rainbow wouldn’t be quite as beautiful if it came before the rain. Life is crazy, wonderful and I’m so blessed to live it with my sweet family. summer nights (1)summer nights (7) summer nights (4) summer nights (5) summer nights (6) summer nights (9) summer nights (10)